Nash Recording and Productions

Like all of life, Nash Studio and Nash Recordings were created out of an evolution of pain and growth and a stumbling towards excellence. After performing or recording countless albums and CD's with some of the greatest artists and performers of our time, I developed skills and tools that helped me become more than a percussionist, but a songwriter, arranger and ultimately, a recording engineer and record producer. My gift has been, and is the ability to stay in the "moment," and to creatively express my musical vision, and help my clients express theirs. Music is storytelling at the highest level. Whether I'm producing an R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Latin or World Beat project, or writing for television and movies, everything is about creating an audio landscape that captures people and invites them into a journey-a voyage. Way before there was a musical category called "World Music," I, along with a handful of others, pioneered the use and integration of percussion instruments from around the World in jazz and contemporary music. I've used my love of rhythm, sound, and color to create my own unique style of playing and production.