Teaching and Workshops

Rhythms Talk is my first book; created to help the drummer, percussionist, and musicians in general, learn basic concepts and techniques in some of the popular musical cultural traditions (jazz, Caribbean, Brazilian etc.) of our day. The most exciting aspect of this book, and my teaching in general, is helping people find and express their own musical voice. The marriage between great technique and vision wedded with inspiration makes for great art. We, as artists, should be, at our highest expression, mirrors and musical news reporters to and about our world. My book and my workshops give the musician keys and tools to gain and grow in techniques that allow them to speak creatively and powerfully. We don't just want to "flex our chops". Just showing how much we know, or how fast and proficient we can play does not connect us with the hearts and minds of those who listen. We want to speak, through our instruments in a profound and unique way. Music is a language.